ESFPA conducts and participates in webinars throughout the year on various topics.  Below you can  find information, registration links for future webinars planned and recordings of past webinars as available.  


Webinars on the Agriculture & Forestry CLCPA Recommendations Recordings


ESFPA, along with the Adirondack Landowners Association, the New York Forest Owners Association and the New York Society of American Foresters held a series of three webinars on the CLCPA Advisory Panel recommendations to share with interested parties the details of the information as they were presented to the Climate Action Council (CAC). Commissioner Richard Ball (Ag. & Markets Commissioner) and the Climate Action Council April 12th along with the Agriculture recommendations of the Advisory Panel (see here).


The full CAC has to get presentations from 7 Advisory panels and then they need to select those that they want to bring forward. This is not going to happen to quickly, but they do have to have a draft Scoping Plan by December 31, 2021..  Recordings of the Ag and Forestry Panel review sessions can be found below:


                        4-13-21 - Forest Management Recommendations - Watch Webinar HERE.

4-28-21– Avoided Conversion Recommendations – Watch Webinar HERE

                            5-4-21, 6:30 pm – 8 pm – Bioeconomy Recommendations –Watch Webinar HERE

Forest Carbon and Family Forests Zoom 

ESFPA, along with the American Forest Foundation, Adirondack Landowners Association, Adirondack Research Consortium, NY Forest Owners Association, NY Tree Farm and The Nature Conservancy hosted a webinar entitled Forest Carbon & Family Forests on Monday, December7th.  Over 200 people logged on to learn how the family forest owner can contribute to climate change solutions.   The two hour program included presentations from the following:
  • Natalie Alex, Policy Manager - American Forest Foundation
  • John Bartow, Executive Director - ESFPA - Presentation
  • David Ford, Senior Fellow for the American Forest Foundation - Presentation
  • Kevin Yoder - The Nature Conservancy Conservation Forester - Presentation
  • Chris Zimmerman - The Nature Conservancy NY Forest Restoration Strategy Lead - Presentation

A video presentation of the webinar is available here