Mission Core Values and Vision


The mission of ESFPA is:

To improve public awareness and promote public policy in support of productive and healthy New York forests and the forest products economy to meet the needs of society today and for future generations.

A Mission Tag Line for ESFPA: The people behind New York’s healthy forests and quality wood products.


By 2038, the forest products industry in New York will be understood, respected and considered a cornerstone of the State’s rural economy by providing sustainable employment, and contributing to New York’s quality of life.  New York’s forests will be healthy and productive, accessible as a timber resource, and functioning as a working forest through environmental conservation and an engaged private landowner base.  New York’s forest products industry will be globally competitive, and a respected stakeholder in the public policy arena. 

Core Values

  1. We value the success of the many important consumer products made by New York’s forest products companies.
  2. We support a full range of businesses in the forest products industry supply chain, including forest landowners, loggers, truckers, foresters, mills and other production facilities, equipment suppliers and supporting businesses and organizations.
  3. We are committed to continuous improvement to ensure that New York’s forest products industry remains quality-focused, environmentally conscious and strategically competitive.
  4. We value and respect the rights of private forest landowners.
  5. We are committed to proactively educating the public, media and government officials about the tremendous importance of New York’s forest products industry.
  6. We are committed to providing ESFPA members with value for their membership dollars.