Forestry Facts

Every day our lives are improved by our forests and forest products they provide.   Actively managed by skilled professionals and sustained by strong markets, our forests provide a continuous supply of wood for manufacturing, energy and innovative products.  all this while delivering clean air, clean water, fish and wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities and carbon benefits. 

There are countless products which we all use daily that come from trees beyond lumber and paper products.  

Products from live trees include: acorns, apples, chestnuts, maple syrup, peaches, pears, pine needle extract, rubber, seed source, shade, walnuts, windbreak, clean air, clean water.

Products from Wood Chips & Sawdust: cedarwood oils, concrete forms, dry process hardboard, engineered beams, fuel for sawmills, high density overlay, insulation board, particle board, paper pulp, taxol

Products from Solid Woodairplane fuselages, airplane propellers, armoires, bagpipes, bar stools, bird houses, boardwalks, boat propellers, bridges, broom handles, brushes.cabinets, cable reels, canes, cedar chests, cedar closet liners, charcoal, chop sticks, altars,  coasters, coffins, cutting boards, decks, fence posts, firewood, furniture. gazebos, home insulation, handrails, jewelry, matches, modular homes, musical instruments, oars, paint brush handles, paneling, pencils, picture frames, popsicle sticks, railroad ties, roller coaster, shingles, siding, wine barrels, wooden floors.