ESFPA Is in Opposition of the Following Memos for 2023


Memos of Opposition

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Bill Description


A. 4601/S. 1725 Opposition Memo  Provides for protection of certain streams; adds class C streams to the list of protected streams.
 February 20, 2023
 S. 2865-A Opposition Memo Includes additional definitions for procedures relating to state purchasing of tropical hardwoods; requires state to maximize the use of environmentally preferable building materials; requires use of information provided by forest certifiers; requires the department of environmental conservation to develop a list of eligible forest certifiers and a chain of custody certifiers.  February 4, 2023
A. 1615/S. 262 Opposition Memo Prohibits the purchase of glyphosate by any state department, agency, public benefit corporation or any pesticide applicator employed thereby as a contractor or subcontractor and the application of glyphosate on property owned, operated or leased by the state.  January 31, 2023
A. 3841/S. 2831 Opposition Memo Requires forest management plans, subject to the approval of the department of environmental conservation, for certain lands subject to a conservation easement purchased by the state and forbids clearcutting on such lands without such forest management plan; increases the jurisdiction of the Adirondack park agency over clearcutting. February 22, 2023
A. 5322/ S. 4246 
Opposition Memo Enacts the "packaging reduction and recycling infrastructure act" to require companies selling, offering for sale, or distributing covered packaging materials and products to reduce consumer packaging, improve recycling and recycling infrastructure, including supporting reusable and refill infrastructure, financially support municipal recycling programs, reduce toxins in packaging and require producers of products to bear the onus for end of life solutions to product packaging. March 10, 2023