New York's Forest Economy

USDA New York Forests, 2012 Review

This report summarizes the second annual inventory of New York's forests, conducted in 2008-2012.  New York's forests cover 19 million acres; 15.9 million acres are classified as timberland and 3.1 million acres as reserved and other forest land.  Forest land is dominated by the maple/beech/birch forest type group that occupies more than half of the forest land.  The sound wood volume on timberland has been rising and is currently 37.4 billion cubic feet, enough to produce saw logs equivalent to 93.7 billion board feet.  On tmberland, the average annual growth in volume of live trees outpaced removals by a ration of 2.1:1.  the net change in volume averaged 1.1 percent per year.  This report includes additional information on forest attributes, land use, forest fragmentation, forest ownership, forest health indicators, timber products, statistics and quality assurance of data collection.  To veiw the full report, please click HERE.