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Developing a NY Forward Health and Safety Plan for Reopening

May 15th marked the end of NY Pause and the beginning of NY Forward, the Governor’s strategy to gradually reopen the State economy.  We recently conducted a virtual meeting on what does a business Health & Safety Plan need to be for wood product and forest related businesses, and you can find the PowerPoint and guide to key resources

New York Forward reopens the State economy on a regional and industry by industry basis. When the reopening begins for each region depends on each region’s ability to meet a series of criteria on the Regional Dashboard. To facilitate this inquiry, the State has created a Business Reopening Lookup Tool, which allows businesses to input their location and NAICS code to find out when they’ll be allowed to reopen.

But reopening is of course not as simple just going back to work or continuing to work as an “Essential Business”.  Every business is required to institute a formal Health & Safety Plan. The State has provided template plans specific to each industry. But entities should be modifying these templates to correspond with the particularities of their specific operations. Each business Health & Safety Plan is required to have four basic elements:

People - Protections for employees and customers:
May include things like providing appropriate PPE to employees, spacing out shift or break times, frequent disinfecting, social distancing protocols, restricting non-essential travel for employees, etc.
Places - Layout: changes to the physical workspace:
Making alterations to the structure and use of physical plant and equipment, things such as directing foot traffic into one-way zones throughout the workplace, restricting access to public spaces, and distributing signage and hand sanitizer throughout the workplace.

Processes - Adaptive health protocols:
May include health screenings, temperature checks, or health/symptom questionnaires. Employers are advised to create a plan for internal contact tracing. Per State Guidance, health data should not be permanently stored or shared among employees.
Responsibilities – Notation & Affirmation:
Put the Health and Safety Plan in writing (or digital writing).  Designate responsible parties.  Submit an Affirmation.

All businesses and other entities are required by the state to have a Health & Safety Plan and to complete, certify, and submit an Affirmation to the state that such a plan exists, including those previously designated as “essential.” or otherwise may have been exempt from previous Executive Orders (e.g. sole proprietorships).  In the affirmation, each entity will be required to acknowledge that it read and understood the guidance and understands its obligation to comply with it. The Health & Safety Plan must be retained by the business on site and capable of being made available to the State Department of Health upon request. It does not have to be submitted to the State for approval. State FAQs indicated that all entities are required to comply and that waivers will not be issued.

We are closely monitoring all NY Forward guidance and will continue to keep you updated. If you have questions about the Plan do not hesitate to contact us or check out our web site at  We may be reached at (518)463-1297 (office), (518)573-1441 (cell) or by e-mailing .


Pathways to Decarbonization in NYS

ESFPA has had the opportunity to take a deeper dive into the work of the consulting firm E3 who has been contracted by NYSERDA to help the Council and the Advisory Panels on technical work into implementing the CLCPA.  For those who would like to look further into the work of E3 here are some key links you may want to connect to:

Workers Compensation Q and A on Covid-19 Claims

The state Workers’ Compensation Board has issued a Q and A document for employers.  You can foind the the document by folloing this link:  “question and answer” document on COVID-19 claims 

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