Forest Certifications

Certification of sustainable forest management is based on internationally agreed upon a criterion that includes forest regeneration – either through natural seed dispersal or by planting, soil and water protection, encouragement of native plant ecosystems, and protection of ownership rights. Although there are many Certification Systems in effect worldwide, only 3 that are active in New York State have standards that are internationally recognized: The Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), The American Tree Farm System (ATFS – a program of the American Forest Foundation), and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Some properties are certified under more than one system.

The total acres of privately owned forests certified through these three systems is in New York State is 2,107,727 Acres.

Certified Private Timber Lands in New York


Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI)

1,364,066 Ac.

SFI Breakdown of Certified Acres  
Lyme Adirondack Forest Company, LLC 240,000
State of New York 772,928
Rayonier USFR 124,267
Molpus Timberlands Management LLC 30,171
Hancock Timber Management 12,033
Finch Forest Management 92,633
Upper Hudson Woodlands ATP (RMK) 92,034

American Tree Farm System™

496,592 Ac.


Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

1,345,926 Ac

FSC Breakdown of Certified Acres  
Lyme Adirondack Forest Company, LLC 240,000
       The Forestland Group, LLC 230,000
       Upper Hudson Woodlands ATP (RMK) 92,304
State of New York 772,928
Paul Smith's College 10,694
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Forest Management Group Certificate

98,738 Ac.

Breakdown of Forest Management Group  
Finch Forest Management 92,633

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