Economic Impact

Economic Impact of Forest Products Manufacturing in New York Highlights

  • The forest products industry is among the New York's leading manufacturers.  

  • Over 67,456 New Yorkers are employed in forest products manufacturing with a payroll of just over $2 and a half billion.  It is estimated that an additional 3,000 individuals work in forestry and logging.

  • The forest products industry contributes $8.8 billion to the state gross product.

  • Annual capital investment by the forest products industry in New York is averaging about $430 million.

  • In 2007 the value of shipments of forest products from New York totaled nearly $6.9 billion.

  • New York is one of leading states in the production of hardwood lumber.  Total hardwood lumber production in 2010 was 158 million cubic feet.

  • In 2010 New York's total softwood lumber production included over 10 million cubic feet of logs and about 20 million cubic feet of pulpwood and chips.

  • There are 67,456 direct, indirect, and induced jobs from private forests in New York State.


            **** April 2016 - "Family Forest Owners of New York and the Future of Forest Conservation," by Brett Butler at the New York Forest Resource Center

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