About Us

In 1906, the Adirondack Lumber Manufacturers and Shippers Association was formed to help track declining inventories of Adirondack softwood and promote the emerging science of forestry. Three years later the name was changed to the Empire State Forest Products Association to reflect the addition of new members from other regions of the state and a growing statewide interest.

Today the Association enjoys a diverse and growing membership. Membership stands at over 400 businesses and individuals and is growing. Members include forest landowners, timber harvesters, furniture companies, lumber manufacturers, pulp and paper companies, and other wood product manufacturers from across New York state. Members own and manage 1.2 million acres of New York forests and employ over one-third of the 65,000 individuals employed in the forest products industry in New York state.

The Empire State Forest Products Association (ESFPA), a nonprofit organization for businesses and individuals, is dedicated to improving the business climate for the forest products industry while promoting management of New York's forests to meet the resource needs of today and for future generations.

The people behind New York’s healthy forests and quality wood products.